Booking policy & Info:

Many thanks for inquiring / booking with us with regards your dinner / party occasion, we do appreciate it and would be more than glad to host you!!

We would appreciate if you took some time to email us on [email protected] so we can send you our information on group event packages. We will send you the info and attachments which we believe could be interesting to you, yes they are extensive but they do provide allot of info. We would love to host you and as explained further on we do not insist with regard set menus as opposed to a la carte on week days or off peak times.

In fact the following policies are designed to provide the smoothest possible service with the best interest of our patrons in mind whilst striving to offer value for money and the best in quality, food & beverage wise, also offering entertainment on most nights; we do hope they are understandable.

Our extensive set menu selection including party at the bar options suitable for Dinner, Lunch, Hens, Stag, Birthday, Festive occassions and more plus all relative information, vegetarian & dietary options upon request. You may also check out our full a la carte menu tab from this site.

Please be patient (very important) and read all this info plus notes superseding the menus to avoid disappointment even in the case of Stand up Parties at The Bar (which are priced from as little as 15 Euros per person).

Inquiries are not assumed to be firm bookings until deposit is paid (non refundable) in the case of large groups or verbally confirmed for smaller bookings.

On our key days being weekends, busy holiday periods, public holidays & their eve’s large groups of 10 or more, as a rule, will only be accepted on a set menu or party at the bar basis. Please understand us we just can’t afford to book our limited restaurant space for sharing, drinks or possible snacks only, besides multiple choices on a large table will slow down the kitchen. We also have experienced too many no shows from members supposedly booked within groups.

Obviously in the case of genuine diners as opposed to drinks and or possible snacks only we would be more than glad to compromise to whatever you are comfortable with, within reason, even a la carte and could even come up with something tailor made to your budget!

All guests within the booking will be expected to place a firm dining order (main course) and chairs for non diners will not be supplied, again we cannot afford to book our limited restaurant space for non diners, in that case perhaps a Stand up Party at the Bar option will be more suitable for you.

By opting for a set menu everyone in the group will be aware of their respective spend besides benefiting from an average of 15% discount over a la carte prices also service will be much smoother.

As far as cakes go we exclusively import a variety of American style cakes & pies. In the case of set menus the dessert is included whilst, also in the case of set menus, we would gladly present one of these cakes celebratory style within the price. Of course in the case of small parties consuming or taking the remainder of the whole cake to go this would incur an extra charge with cakes selling at 30.00 Euro per cake. The most popular cake being triple decker Chocolate Bonanza cake with the others being Chocamel Fudge, Infused Strawberry Cheese Cake, Toffee Apple Cake, Passion Cake (carrot & walnut with cream frosting) Pecan Pie, Caramel Apple Pie & Cherry Pie; the latter two served warm and the latter three served with fresh whipped cream. Birthday pendants could be provided besides sparklers. Bringing in your own cake will incur a cost of 12 Euro per cake, of course we would present cut and plate it for you, packing any remainders to go. Fancier or customised cakes would have to be quoted and of course would cost more, a print of your choice supplied by you (picture that is, we actually get the print done) may be set on the customised cake. As far as other desserts go we offer a variety of American style in house prepared desserts which may be viewed on our website.

Due to high demand the outdoor tables and bar booths are on a first come first served basis only, please understand us they are constantly in demand and we cannot justify leaving them empty for prolonged periods until bookings arrive or ask existing clients to vacate them upon your arrival, obviously if they are available upon your arrival please feel free to use them.

Bookings for drinks / snacks only, unfortunately, may not be accepted and are entertained on a 1st come 1st served basis unless one of our “Stand up Party at the Bar” options is selected or by prior agreement, also depending on the date & time requested; we would love to make you our privileged guests for a small price, in fact from as little as 15 Euros per person!

Obviously everyone is welcome at the bar at their own leisure to order as they please and avail themselves to any seating that may become available in the terrace or bar areas!!!

Ultimately give us a call and let us know what you had in mind, we appreciate all business!!!

We would appreciate when you’re comparing quotes if you could kindly bear in mind that Tex Mex, we would like to believe, is a chic, modern & trendy establishment on the upper echelons of casual dining in the heart of Sliema always striving to offer the best in quality through top quality produce & beverages purchased & served even at house level whilst doing the utmost to offer top notch service & standards in our unique venue & atmosphere which transpires into a club lounge at appropriate times whilst we pledge to do our outmost to make your visit with us a memorable one!

Due to the confinements of the dining areas (stairs & space) & atmosphere of the establishment push chairs & high chairs could be cumbersome & uncomfortable at peak times and we regretfully have to decline multiple bookings with push chairs, babies and toddlers on busy nights & peak times.

We are more of an adult orientated establishment, and we kindly ask you to control young children at all times not allowing them to run about, shout & scream or disrupt other patron’s enjoyment whilst in fact at night especially on weekends / public holidays / special occasions & their eves the atmosphere does not really lend itself towards children.

Please feel free to call our reservations manager, Angie on 21339247 or 21318943 to discuss your requirements or even organise a meeting.

In the meantime we are looking forward to hosting you but please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further queries.

Please note Tex Mex is a non smoking venue, patrons may smoke outside or in our terrace when the canapoy is open.

Tex Mex is a pet free zone so please do not be offended if our staff refuse entry to pets.

Waiting Times:

Kindly note at TEX MEX® we aim for quality … and although we do our best to be as efficient as possible this sometimes means that it takes time to serve your meal, especially at peak business times. So kindly be patient – we prepare your meal from fresh and need adequate cooking time! The same may apply for cocktails, especially during happy hours. Keeping within our fresh is best policy some items may be unavailable on the day. Our menu is vast so kindly avoid requesting multiple variations or half half options as they slow down the kitchen and chances are they’ll be confused!!! Sorry we don’t serve half portions

Reservations / Seating:

Kindly note that the upper two decks within the establishment are intended for diners only!!! Although everyone is welcome at TEX MEX regardless if it is for a meal, drink or light snack these areas are strictly “dining only” especially during peak business times. Anyone occupying a seat in these areas is kindly expected to place a dining order. (See charges, sharing & tips) Likewise, in the case of drinks/snacks only, due to high demand, we do not entertain bookings on our patio tables & sofa booths at peak times, these tables are utilized on a first come first served basis. Food though may be ordered in all areas of the establishment. Otherwise contact us with regards one of our advantageous packages.


Although we love children just as much as you, due to the atmosphere of the venue we tend to attract a more mature crowd, so we kindly ask you to keep them seated and as well behaved as possible so as not to spoil other patron’s enjoyment.


At TEX MEX we play the ideal soundtrack depending on the atmosphere, from smooth chilled out lounge to chart grooves to get the party started. Our roster of international and local djs mix Latin, Rnb, House and chart toppers and our live musicians create that unique fun vibe that our restaurant is so famous for! While dining the music levels in the restaurant area are kept to a minimum, but the party vibe escalates as the night goes on!

Dress Code:

Basically smart casual or Dress to Impress!!! Strictly no sleeveless vests, beach attire or bare torsos

Charges, sharing & tips:

At TEX MEX® we do not charge any service or cover charges except in the case of sharing. In that case the management reserves the right at its discretion, especially at peak business times, to charge €5.00 for every extra person sharing one choice. (Applicable only to the designated dining areas, see above) Charge does not apply on appetizers followed by a main course. Tips, although not obligatory at TEX MEX®, are greatly appreciated by our staff.

Drinks on non dining tables, especially in the bar & patio areas, will be charged at source and bills will only be opened for dining patrons.

Sorry but Honesty is the Best Policy!!!!!!!

Feel free to call us for further info: 21318943 / 21339247